May 13, 2022 2 min read

Bust Out at Minnedemo 36

If you were at The Turf Club this past April 12th, you’re already well aware of Minnedemo 36!

A production of Minnestar, Minnedemo is the Twin Cities’ long standing, live technology product showcase for tech nerds and the tech nerd adjacent. It’s also an excellent opportunity for investors and innovators to meet and mingle. The presentation rules are simple: 7 live demos, no longer than 7 minutes each, and you’ve got to leave PowerPoint on the 7th level of ole Dante’s Inferno–which is to say, it’s not allowed.

This year, Bust Out had the distinct honor of kicking off the incredible night of demos by showcasing Pennant, a custom-branded OTT platform. And, in addition to its scheduled time on stage, Pennant was put on display in an even more practical sense. The event was also going to be streamed on YouTube Live, but less than an hour before Jeff and Jamey took the stage, YouTube experienced a global platform outage. Pennant to the rescue! We spun up an instance of Pennant and embedded the livestream on the website. Check out this tweet from founder Jeff Lin.

To learn more about Minnedemo and a bunch of other great tech events, visit Minnestar.

Jeff Lin Founder & CEO