February 16, 2024 2 min read

Crafting Skills: Bust Out Featured in New Coven Series

If you’re familiar with the Twin Cities coworking ecosystem, you’re likely already familiar with (and a fan of) The Coven. Founded in Minneapolis in 2017, the Coven is the first ever national network of woman-owned coworking communities, in their own words, “designed for belonging.”

The Coven not only creates beautiful, thoughtfully architected collaboration and meeting spaces to serve primarily women and non-binary individuals. As an organization, they are committed to providing members with access to the knowledge, tools and connections they need to set their career trajectories skyward. So, when the Coven invited Bust Out CEO, Jeff Lin, to participate in their professional course series it was an immediate and absolute, ‘hell yes.’

Their newest leadership series is called, “SkillCraft: Tech, Tools, and Tasks for Modern Leaders.” It was created by the Coven in collaboration with Full Stack Saint Paul and is now available on the Coven’s digital platform, available to all members. In a Masterclass-style video, watch and learn as Jeff leans on his 20+ years of experience and insight as a technologist and CEO to propose a strategic approach to answering a software question crucial for an organization or any size; should we build it, or should we buy it? In a 3-part course, following an introduction, Jeff shares how to strategically weigh the pros and cons common to most businesses.

In addition to Jeff Lin, the series features Jonathan Banks, president of NCXT, and professional coach and advisor for CEOs and entrepreneurs, Gina Lemon.

Visit the Coven’s Digital Community and become a member to experience the complete SkillCraft series for yourself. The Coven even offers “digital-only” memberships so you can be a part of the community no matter where you live.

Shanita John Director of Operations